J & R              
                                                Houston, Texas
    (281) 850-0627
       Ask for JR
Welcome to our website: J & R Imports

We are very excited that you are here and hope that our website can help you
with your purchase.  We sell all types of outdoor cast aluminum lamps,
residential lighting and commercial lighting.  We are open to the public and
welcome contractors, electrical contractors and/or developers.  Also, we sell
replacement plastic round globes, acorn globes, and custom type globes made
of polyethylene, polycarbonate and acrylic.  We sell cast aluminum decorative
mailboxes, and other cast aluminum products including direct burial poles,
extruded aluminum tubing, outdoor lighting and HID ( Metal Halide and High
Pressure Sodium ) fixtures.  Also, we sell Mexican imports at wholesale
prices.  We have the best service, prices and quality.  We've created this
website to serve you better.  Please feel free to look around and if you have
any questions, click on the "Contact Us" link or give us a call.  
*********Coming soon a link to a distributor near you.************